Thursday, 17 December 2015

Taking stock

I had such a beautiful day today. It's been a pretty good week actually.

Frank is home. Usually that's good enough.

When he has a vacation, he takes care of most of the things I would normally do (I guess I get a mini vacation too)

So today we woke up, he took the kids to school, we worked out together and then he 'followed' me to Kruiskade where I buy all of my meat.

Pretty normal boring married stuff.

But we had lunch first at a restaurant I love at the city Centre called Dino.

And right in the middle of both of us  laughing hysterically, I realise, I could not ask for more.

Except more Creme Brulee.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Fifty shades of Grey review.

I saw 50 shades of grey today and I am surprised to say-  I liked it. It wasn't riveting or anything. It was a simple romantic story.

I realise it may have a lot to do with where I am right now.
Frank has been away and even though he will be back this week, he will be gone for a long time soon after.  I keep looking for romantic movies to watch instead of drama.

So, Simple story.

Guy meets girls.
Guy likes girl.

'Girl, I like you, but this is the way I am.'

'Guy I like you too but, how about you become this way.'

Guy flogs girl on her butt (just 6 times pere)
and Girl runs away like a little girl.


  With the forcasted bdsm, I imagined myself doing a whole lot of cringing.

Instead the sex scenes were gentle, maybe even sexy.  Or its all in my head and Frank  needs to get home ASAP.

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