Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Don't hug me bro! ..Please?

I hate hugs.

Don't know why.

Never liked them.

I evaded one today from Frank's college by  pretending to be shy and couldn't avoid another  one when I met up with Frank and a friend of his for drinks.

Pressing my body against another human, for an uncertain length of time is weird to me.

Like Frank's friend who hugged me tonight,- she held me  long and hard and I kept thinking "really? You don't think the side hug would have sufficed?"

My sister in law drives me crazy with the hugs. There's  a big section of every visit dedicated to the hello hug and the good bye hug between the kids, and the "did you hug auntie?" and then I have to lean in with a stupid smile on my face. If you have to tell people to hug, what's the point?
Shouldn't there be a mutual 'oh my God I really need to press up against you for a socially accepted length of time to show you; I care, I missed you, I need to know what your hair smells like, etc."

I have felt this urge, I know it's real and I have given in to it with joy. BUT COM'ON, NOT EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My sister is sleeping over tonight  and will leave in the morning. I probably won't see her for another year.
Will I? Hug her?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Happy birthday Charlie.

It's the last 15 minutes of my son's birthday and I couldn't be any prouder of who he is.

He really does have the best heart and I just had to explain to him that not everybody is NICE. Some people are mean or act mean and we can't always report them to a teacher.

I'm afraid for him.

Nice won't cut it

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