Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Is 'blob' my new favourite word?

Driving back home after vacationing with extended family, and I can't stop thinking about innocence versus .. not guilt - but knowledge. The absence of innocence is to know

My kids are very sheltered. My husand and I are typical new age helicopter parents. Constantly hovering. This means we are pretty much always with the kids. We only go on play dates if it's ok for mummy to be there, any birthday parties that say 'drop off' are given a side eye and tossed into a bin. Definitely no sleep overs.

I will not delve into the whys today.

Today I'm preoccupied with 'knowing'.
 I cannot protect my kids for ever, they must explore for them selves and then choose for themselves.
I listened to my 6 year old talking with his cousins today and was struck by the lack of sophistication in his speech.  Sophistication is a product of experience.
He pretty much sounds like a child when he talks and right now that's fine by me.

At six I was a voracious reader. Six year old me would scoff at the age appropriate books my son reads under my adult supervision.

I decide to let the kids play without constant supervision and as I walk by a room I hear one cousin ask my four year old if she can twerk.

Oya all of you come out now!!!

Twerk Ko!

But at some point, we will have to let go.

I want strong independent kids.
I have no clue how to go about this.

 Naivety may be cute at six but I know what it does to book smart sixteen year old in university.

Spits them out in one well chewed blob.

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