Monday, 5 November 2007

NIG-ARG ...5-3

'U' and I went to watch Nigeria play Argentina in Copacabana beach(FIFA cup beach soccer) hoping to get the chance to meet other Nigerians, sing all those Nigerian gyrating songs at the top of our lungs. but when we got to the site we couldn't find any Nigerians and so had to make our own Nigerian fan club. Unfortunately all our shaking and screaming could only garner one supporter-a little boy shouting "UP NAIJA" with us.
Luckily, Nigeria won the game, so it didn't matter that we were the only ones screaming and looking rather foolish.

the Brazilian cheerleaders

sorry about the poor resolution of the pictures. i took them with my cork and shoot camera.


Isi said...

femme o!!!! i haven't seen u in a zillion years, where have u been? make i go read your post. will be back!

Isi said...

hurray, we won! i was totally unaware of this until i came here.
it seems this beach soccer has its fanfare like basketball with all the skimpy girls.

Aijay said...

Someone has been having a blast!! Enjoy jare. Nice pics.


"up Naija!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ekoakete said...

Up Naija! Sounds like you're having a great time...

Ozymandias said...

lmao @ cork and shoot...hilarious..hope you had a great time being on the winning side.

zerkhezi said...

cork and shoot camera, lol

Nneka's World said...


It was a good thing that they won..
Seriously no other naija fans

Good to see you back

Mrs Somebody said...

Was it a total lack of awareness or what?
I bet the place would have been jam packed if it was a football march.
Femme and Frank well done for representing 9ja.

Afrobabe said...

mennnn those cheerleaders no easy oh...going back to my diet.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

I wish!!!!!!!!

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