Tuesday, 11 September 2007

you tube comments

its not laziness to type a new post that causing this one but i saw these comments on you tube. i just copied and pasted, i hope u understand it,maybe it'd be better to start at the end.
usually the comments when by Nigerians are full of tribal slurs, this is international.

(1 week ago)
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U're so wrong,go treat yourself of your KENYARITIES.
spliffveron (1 week ago)
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Pigeon english is an identity,it is pride,it is sewn under the epidermis of those who understand.If you don't speak it,just seal your mouth and respect,hence go try to speak the language more than the Englishman.If you succeed,then disown your heritage if it will make u happy.
hyper10shun (2 weeks ago)
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crissy dont hate appreciate, the English cant speak English to save their lives anyway lol. God bless Nigeria
crissy771 (2 weeks ago)
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am just saying the truth u can talk all u want but it is a fact nigerian english is bad
israelnonso (2 weeks ago)
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I don't i have time for someone from Bush.
hyper10shun (2 weeks ago)
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sharaaaap dere! idiots were you people born with engrish in ya mouths? stupid colonial brainwashed fools(typical kenyans and east AFRICANS)Listen we speak great english, with our beautiful languages, go hang if you don't like pigeon, i am educated and do speak the so called great English language, but some dumb Africans here think speaking English is some great priviledge, morons. Change your mindsets and embrace your Africaness dumbmudafunkes
crissy771 (2 weeks ago)
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am sorry but it is a fact pigeon english is not english.....
crissy771 (2 weeks ago)
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nope am kenyan and it is a fact only uneducated nigerian can talk pigeon english
israelnonso (2 weeks ago)
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U better do as that guy said. Jump into fire if you don't like najia English. I know u must be a Ghanaian
ayeforlife (3 weeks ago)
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if u dont like nigeria english u can go ahead and hang urself. idiot

*i guess the correct way to spell pidgin in pidgin language is pigeon.


Omosewa said...

Lmao! Only pigeon, fowl nko. What caused the fight?

Nyemoni said...

LOL..Pigeon english...hehehehe!

femme said...

it was a nollywood movie.

Nyemoni said...

OK...I see! So that's the reason for all the brouhaha? LOL..

bighead said...

Dem dey craze. All these Africans player-hating us. d other day some Ghanaian was chatting with my room-mate and talking nonsense too. and if dem get small wahala for their countries whose the first to respond with all our "pigeon"-speaking soldiers.

Mommy said...

Read your old posts. You are funny in a cool way. Thanx for coming by my blog. Food is ready so you don't have to eat only cake and wine. Cheers!
I'll make my visits here regular.

Manda said...

so disis how we embarrass ourselves outside home! Pigeon engrish is not good for educate pple like u o!lmao

Andy said...

Just take a look at the resultant effects of colonialism......its not even yor first language and it is causing so much bad blood!


It is a shame that people cannot simply agree to disagree without using derogatory and insulting terms at one another. All this high blood pressure over some random person's personal impressions on pidgin and Nigerians.

Whatever! If only we got this passionate about life and death matters.

Aijay said...

Lmao...All this wahala over pidgin.
Who says only uneducated Nigerians speak pidgin English? Thats plain ignorant.

100%Lighty said...

lol! just imagine. lol! mehn! people are funny ohh. fowl nko. lolololol.

Bubbles said...

That was really funny. I had a good laugh reading it to my brother. I'm a bonafide pidgin english speaker. I grew up in benin, u can't escape it. I don't see how what it has to do with being able to speak the regular english.

Ugo Daniels said...

I say it's joblessness or idleness that's seriously disturbing them peeps :)

princesa said...

hyper10shon sure gave it to them!
lol @ KENYARITIES! Dat na pigeon sef??

femme said...

my lap top is out so i guess my blogrounds will have to wait. hope you are all having a nice weekend.

ibiluv said...

up naija joooooooooooooooo
its fun to speak pidgin especially the waffi way
dat dont mean people who speak waffi cant speak Queen's English
love them all for putting the sorry ass in his place

Atutupoyoyo said...

Na wa o. Many Africans seem to have a very inherent dislike of Nigerians. Not sure why....

Afrobabe said...

I love speaking pidgin english in the midst of white people...love the expression on their face when they are trying to understand....lol...

Sparkle said...


Mrs Somebody said...

Pigeon english???.............LOL!!!

For the love of me said...

LOL. Africans and our numerous issues.I wonder what got the Kenyan upset,his inability to speak it or to understand it?

יש (Yosh) said...

uTube folks are the most unloving and crude I've ever met in all my life (both digital and physical). It can be depressing, the way insult is exchanged on that joint. But then, sometimes it's fun seeing someone get their butt digitally whipped! :P

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