Wednesday, 18 July 2007

brazilian air crash

e ma gba mi olorun, i said it! i said it o.!
A plane just crashed in Brazil and to be frank i was expecting it. the last time we came in from Nigeria, i told hubby it had to be the last time we used that bloody TAM. they are blaming the weather and the runway but thats all rubbish. i didn't miss not dying in that adc crash to come and die here.

I've been in my share of bad planes( being a Nigerian and all) but TAM really takes the cream.i don't know the mechanics of a plane but i swear the plane groans each time it changes gear.
ive always been a bad flyer because it usually includes two of my worst fears: falling from a height and falling into a large mass of water.
some days before the adc plane crashed last year(?) i was going to Lagos from Abuja and just before i boarded an aunt called me and asked me to come see her, i told her i was going to Lagos and she started with all the prayers. during the flight i was very nervous, the plane kept doing this dipping that made me wished i had passed up on lunch. when its a really bad flight i start checking my bag to see if i have any thing to slash my throat with because i'd rather go out like that.
the plane suddenly went down for like 10 second and a small shriek escaped my lips, the woman beside me looked at me like 'whats wrong with you".
i look at her and say 'but that was scary". but me i was thinking 'if you like be forming 'i'm a seasoned air traveler".
anyways going back to abuja i decided to bus it and went via abc. i got into town early i decided to go to gwagwalada to get some of my things from my sisters place, when an okada suddenly sweeps me off the road. i.m on the floor thinking wtf when my phone rings and the same aunty is hysterical on the phone. after i calmed her down she told me she had been trying to reach me all day because there had been an adc crash. i assured her i was fine and had come back by bus. she kept on crying and asking if i was really okay i wonder what she'd have done if she knew i was picking my self off the high way.
Any accident is a bad way to go, i hope they all find peace


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog congratulations !!

regard from Catalonia - Spain
please visit blog
thank you

UndaCovaSista said...

It was really tragic... May their souls rest in peace. Thanks for stopping by my page

Atutupoyoyo said...

Real tragedy. I lost my best friend in the ADC crash last year and airline operators are now increasingly playing with people's lives. They need to be shut down......

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

wow.. may their souls rest in peace.. .thank heavens you werent on that plane oh... thank GOd for his mercies... how you doing mami?

The shopaholic. said...

The crazy thing be say one day I took my dad to the airport and I saw the TAM booth, so I was like 'abeg, which kain random ass airline is this, na so you go enter and the thing go crash'.
Not knowing that my words would come to pass for real.
I hate hearing about plane crashes, that's a horrible way to die. May thier souls R.I.P

Omosewa said...

So sad. Thank God you came out okay. I'm never flying in Naija,never! Ekenedilichukwu buses will be my customers.

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